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Garmin Approach S20 and TruSwing BundleGame Tracker – Distance Measuring Device – Swing AnalyserCombining two great Garmin products to give you the maximum edge, a DMD watch and a swing path analyser are bundled into the ultimate package.Instantly see your swing metrics data by using the Garmin TruSwing – a powerful technology that has been seamlessly linked with an Approach S20 watch. Swing MetricsIncluding Swing Speed, Swing Tempo, Club Path Coordinates, Face to Target, Club Path, Shaft and Loft Angle, and Shaft Lean – what more could you ever possibly need?View 3D animations using your smartphone or tablet, as well as side-by-side swing comparisons for analysis in real-time (uses the mobile app Garmin Connect). TruSwing, by Garmin, measures the mechanics of your golf swing, determining the effects on ball flight and shot results. This golf swing sensor is light, small, and easy to use. It links with Garmin Approach S20 (as well as other compatible Garmin devices), and tablets and smartphones via the Garmin Connect app.At-a-glance data for critical club angles, swing tempo, club-path measurements, speed, and more, are provided quickly and easily to improve swing consistency and form (in the range and on the course). Securely attach the Garmin TruSwing with the simple clamp, fixing the sensor to the shaft below the grip of any club.A golfing partner that doubles as a stylish watch, the Garmin Approach S20 is a must-have for any serious player. More than 40,000 international courses are preloaded, and you can receive automatic map updates, smart notifications, and daily activity tracking effortlessly – adding intelligent and actionable data to your healthy lifestyle. On the course, see distances to hazards, and the back, middle, and front of the green. The Garmin AutoShot game tracker measures your performance (including shot distances) and records them for review later on your Garmin Connect account. Directly on your wrist, receive instant alert for texts, emails, and calls, with this convenient technology.This bundle is available at for a combined, discounted price. Learn more today!

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