Aqua Sport 2 Cart Bag 2018 – Charcoal/Black/Red

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Big Max Aqua V-1 Cart Bag 2018 – Charcoal/Black/RedThe first waterproof sports organizerThe new, patented V-Lock system from Big Max finally allows a clear view of the irons through 180 ° rotation of the woods.This is achieved by a sophisticated Turn & Lock technology, which avoids the visual overlay of the iron by large head covers of otherwise hanging woods.The result – they have a perfect overview of their golf clubs and can quickly and conveniently choose the right club for the next shot.The AQUA V-1 dresses the system in a modern, waterproof garment and is the bag for sporty golfers who do not want to compromise.This bag features a full-length 14-point top and an oversized putter pocket to keep each racket in place. The other equipment is safe and well stowed in 7 large compartments, 2 integrated coolers, and a designated bag for the trolley battery. Other highlights include the towel and glove holders, as well as the umbrella holder. Furthermore, this lightweight (2.7 kg) has transport handles, with which you can carry well-packed even the bag itself.SEAPROOF – The new BIG MAX AQUA V-1 is the first Sport Organizer Cart Bag and is built to the highest standard of modern waterproof and welding technology. The extra high water column lets you calm down and your equipment is perfectly protected.SEEPROOF – The patented V-Lock system uses an ingenious Wood Turn & Lock technology that turns your woods out of sight and gives you a complete overview of 100% of your irons. No more tedious searching for the right racket and no blocking by the headcover when pulling out the right iron.The i-Dry system by BIG MAX guarantees 100% waterproof material as well as seams and zips. Thus, golf rounds are no longer a problem in the rain, the bag stays dry inside and your golfing equipment is protected against moisture.

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