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Enertor Insoles: The only insoles endorsed and worn by Usain Bolt, are you looking for superior comfort and support ? With D30 technology this can be achieved. D30 is a UK based company that specialises in impact protection and shock absorption. This highly technical company are at the fore-front of sport technology and develop products for many leading Global brands in a wide range of industries including US Special forces. The D30 insole allow molecules to flow freely creating a soft flexible material, on impact the molecules lock together to disperse the negative energy and reduce impact force. A 44% improvement in shock absorption as been recorded in testing and leading clinicians and podiatrists agree that Golfers would benefit from the extra impact support. Comparative testing against leading brands has shown that no one comes close to Enertor for comfort – support and shock absorption. Podiatrists have also confirmed that pain relief and impact injury benefits have been greatly reduced by fitting Enertor Insoles into Golf or Sports shoes. We can’t guarantee you the speed of Usain Bolt but can guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you fit Enertor Insoles in your Golf shoes.