Henrik Stenson Street Sunglasses – MIDSUMMER Polarized – Black

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Henrik Stenson Street Sunglasses – MIDSUMMER Polarized – Black ShinyMidsummer Lifestyle FrameThe Henrik Stenson Midsummer sunglasses are a highly functional street model which have been specifically designed for an active lifestyle. The frame makes use of a lightweight material with a three point grip for a unique balance between comfort and performance. The slip reducing rubber nosepads and tempel grip provides a more secure fit when active, perfect for comfortable use all day long.Polarized LensThe polarized lens used with these HS Eyewear sunglasses offers a polarization experience like never before thanks to the sharp colour contrast and crystal clear vision. Outstanding visual actuity is assured for an active, outdoor lifestyle where sunlight can be harsh and reflection might distor vision – making these one of the best lifestyle lenses around. Finally, an inner Anti Reflection coating elimates any unwanted light that might bounce back off the inside or back of the lens.Lens Specifics:- Grey Silver Colourn- High Contrast Polarizationn- Mirror Coatingsn- Shatter Proofn- High Contrast Visionn- Maximum Visual Clarityn- Glare Reductionn- Anti Scratch Coatingn- Super Hydrofoil Coating (repels oil, grease, water)

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